• Visionix Eye Refract

    Remote-ready and tablet-driven Eye Refract allows our team to perform refraction at a safe distance. It is a dynamic digital refraction system that meets social distancing requirements in patient care today. With a fully digital phoropter, Visionix Eye Refract offers patients a convenient, efficient, and accurate refractive exam. The patented system includes a full guided objective refraction, eliminating operator bias and allowing our team to spend more time interacting with the patient.

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

    Andrews Eye Care Center became one of the few practices in the country to start electronically recording and storing patient data in a “paperless” fashion. Our electronic medical records (EMR/EHR) helps our facility to become more efficient and more environmentally friendly by no longer utilizing paper products for most office functions.

  • Digital Retina Camera

    We use a specialized digital camera to obtain detailed pictures of your retinal fundus to observe the health of the optic nerve, retina and your blood vessels.

  • Digital Anterior Eye Camera

    This camera provides digital images of the retina as well as the front of the eye that help with early diagnosis of many abnormal vision conditions. It allows us to establish and baseline image so we can compare these with future images to detect abnormal changes.

  • Topographer

    This technology measures the contour of the front surface of the eye (cornea) and three-dimensional evaluation of the cornea that can be used to detect corneal disease and to fit special contact lenses.

  • HRT Nerve Fiber Analyzer

    Primarily used for glaucoma, the Nerve Fiber Analyzer utilizes laser technology to measure the thickness of the nerve fiber layer and to detect loss of nerve fibers. In addition it also allows us to evaluate the microscopic layers of the retina for macular degeneration, and diabetic eye disease.

  • Visual Field Analyzer

    The Visual Field Analyzer is used for measuring the visual field and as a tool for screening, monitoring and assisting in the diagnosis of certain conditions.