How Much Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cost?


LASIK eye surgery has been a popular form of laser eye surgery for over 20 years. Performed by skilled eye surgeons, the procedure uses lasers to fix vision issues caused by refractive errors in the eye.

What are refractive errors? These errors refer to vision distortion including common eye conditions such as:

  • Astigmatism, which causes blurred vision
  • Nearsightedness or myopia, causing objects to be seen clearly if near, but blurred if far away
  • Farsightedness or hyperopia, which means you can see far-away objects, but vision is blurred up close

What Does LASIK Surgery Entail?

LASIK is the most common laser treatment for refractive vision errors, with over 40 million procedures performed globally. It’s safe and effective.

Before surgery, your ophthalmologist will examine the shape of your cornea and take measurements of your eye in order to map your cornea and determine the precise areas requiring reshaping by the laser. 

Your eyes will be numbed for comfort, and then the laser light is employed so that your doctor can shape your corneal curvature and thickness to eliminate refractive error. The procedure is not at all painful, although you may feel a little pressure while the laser is directed at your eye. LASIK usually takes only about 15 minutes per eye. 

Recovery time is quick – you should be able to resume normal activities just one day after your procedure. But, you should limit a few activities for 2-4 weeks following LASIK, including:

  • No eye makeup for two weeks
  • Avoid playing non-contact sports for three days and contact sports for four weeks
  • Avoid swimming and hot tubs for a minimum of four weeks

And of course, be sure to follow your ophthalmologist’s instructions for post-LASIK eye care.

What Does LASIK Cost?

While not often covered by insurance, LASIK surgery costs can be offset by financing plans provided by your ophthalmologist, including Care Credit, which offers no-interest or low monthly payments. 

While LASIK costs typically range between $1000 and $4000 per eye, depending on your ophthalmologist, the total cost usually includes every aspect of your surgery, including: 

  • Pre-and post-operative exams Facility and surgeon fees
  • Post-operative eye drops
  • Follow-up procedures if needed for any fine adjustments of the correction

Is LASIK Worth the Cost?

LASIK is valuable for patients in a variety of ways. In terms of pure cost savings, the expense of buying prescription glasses or contact lenses is eliminated. Designer frames, contacts, lens solutions, not to mention visits to the eye doctor or additions such as prescription sunglasses often add up to more than match the cost of LASIK after eight years – and LASIK lasts a lifetime.

Approximately 90% of patients who experience LASIK eye surgery have vision between 20/20 and 20/40 – without glasses or contact lenses, allowing patients to experience healthy, “normal” vision. 

In short, the benefits of LASIK far outweigh the cost, and not just in practical cost-savings on glasses or contacts. Having clear vision is invaluable to patients used to blurred images without wearing corrective lenses. Opening the door to better vision is a reward that patients find to be invaluable.

Ready to Learn More About LASIK?

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